Which Meta app is better?

Meta isn’t content with owning some of the world’s most popular social networks, it wants one more. Enter Threads. In basic terms, Threads is a text-focused version of Instagram. But there’s more to it than that, so let’s see how they compare.

With Twitter trials and tribulations ongoing, Meta has decided to swoop in and release a rival, in the forms of Threads. A more text-centric version of Instagram has long been touted but now it’s here.

It’s extremely similar to both Twitter and Instagram, but in various different ways. Given both Threads and Instagram supports text and media-based posts, there’s plenty to untangle as the differences aren’t cut and dry. Let’s dive into Threads vs Instagram.

Text vs Images and Video

There is far more to these two apps than one being a text-based social media app and the other being a multimedia-based social media app. It’s clear that both dabble in the others wheelhouse, with captions on Instagram allowing for long diatribes and Threads supporting images and video.

But, while it can’t be distilled so simply, that is ultimately… the vibe. You should head to Threads for a focus on text-based threads that can be supplemented with imagery. On the other hands, head to Instagram to get a visual update from the people you follow, slightly guided by captions.

Instagram has more developed customisation

Whether its deciding who gets to see your posts to you deciding what posts you want to see, Instagram has the upper hand. Instagram lets you stick with the default feed, view updates just from who you are following and take in posts only from your designated favourites. Admittedly, in the default feed, Instagram does dabble in serving you with what can often feel like spam.

Threads bombards you with these spammy posts. If there’s a celebrity big on Threads then you’ll probably see them in your feed right now. It seems likely Threads will get more Instagram-flavoured functionality but, for now, it doesn’t cater to you personally.

You won’t find Stories and Reels on Threads

This one is a clear and factual difference, and another example of Instagram’s focus on visual content. Instagram offers up Stories, time-limited video and image updates at the top of your feed, and TikTok-like Reels, short-form video content. Threads currently offers nothing of the sort and it remains to be seen if it may make like Twitter once again and dabble in something Moments-like.

Threads lacks a search function

This one seems like quite a biggy and a feature you probably neglect on most other social media platforms right now. If you’re a Threads user, you may not have used it enough yet to even know its missing but, when you want it, it’s absense will irk you.

What’s missing is a search function. There is no way to find a specific word or topic that you’d like to read about. All you can do is search for people to follow. This absolutely needs to be added soon.

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